20 Easy Suji/Rava Recipes to Make Your Lockdown Yummy!

Yes we are quarantined and can’t go out to dine and wine, but that does not mean we can’t create something as tasty and in fact, healthy in our kitchen. So here is a list of 15 Suji/Rava recipes you can try in this lockdown.

1. Cutlet

2. Suji Toast

3. Rava Fingers

4. Pizza

5. Idli

6. Dosa

7. Uttapam

8. Dhokla

9. Stuffed Rava Balls

10. Murkku

11. Suji Pockets

12. Cake

13. Gulaab Jamun

14. Rasgulla

15. Rasmalai

16. Custard

17. Ladoo

18. Halwa

19. ChamCham

20. Suji Mithai

Let us know in the comments below if there is any other Suji/Rava recipe/dish we can make this quarantine. Eat Well! Stay Safe!

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