15 sexiest men colognes that women find absolutely irresistible

15 classic and sexiest fragrances that will help you smell irresistible

Classy suit? Check. Leather shoes? Check. Hair combed back with hair gel? Also check. And alas! You’re halfway through the path to having women swoon all over you. Keyword being “halfway”.
A good fragrance can bring your entire outfit together, making you seem even more put together and, of course, sexier.
But which one to choose? Well, we have listed below some fragrances, which according to a survey women find most irresistible:

1. Hermes TDH

Terre d’Hermes, launched in 2006 by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, the name literally translates as “Earth of Hermes”. This citric yet woody, earthy fragrance with hints of orange and grapefruit will certainly add spice to your life.
The sharp and fresh aroma makes you feel and smell sophisticated and classy.
Lasts for upto 8 hours.

2. Acqua Di Gio Profumo

The main notes are: Aromatic, balsamic, marine, fresh spicy, smokey and citrus
A masterpiece by Giorgio Armani, Acqua Di Gio is a perfect choice for summer evenings, one spritz of this long lasting Italian aroma with smokey, balsamic and citrus notes will keep you smelling fresh all day and all night long. The crisp, marine, sea air scent is sure to put one in a cool casual mood.

3. Armani Code

The main notes are : Citrus, leather, aromatic, floral and soft spicy
Launched in 2004, this floral gem by Armani is a semi-oriental, spicy composition of seductive leathery and floral aroma, along with hints of citrus.
Its solid longevity will effortlessly bring elegance to your outfit and persona, and is perfect for a clubbing night out.

4. Ralph Lauren Polo

The main notes are : woody, aromatic, fresh spicy, leather and earthy
Being one of the first perfumes by Ralph Lauren, Polo is a truly a masculine fragrance with a composition of fresh, grassy, woody and earthy notes. The base contains leather and thyme, giving way to a wonderful, intensive trail.

5. Givenchy Gentleman

The main notes are : Powdery, warm spicy, vanilla, sweet, fresh spicy
Crafted with a suitable name, the Gentleman is exclusively made for gentlemen who do not need an extravagant overpowering fragrance to make an impression. The fragrance is strong yet discreet with the sweetness of vanilla mixed with the fresh, warm spicy touch giving it a fresh and powdery touch. The longevity and projection are commendable.

6. Tom Ford Black Orchid

The main notes are: Warm spicy, sweet, earthy, cacao
A fragrance that is a blend of dark, mysterious, fresh and energising scents and has a warm spicy note mixed with sweet, earthy hints of cacao. With great projection and longevity, it is highly recommended for special occasions or all nighters. A top favourite for winters.

7. Jimmy Choo Man

The main notes are: Sweet, fruity, aromatic, musky, leather and fresh spicy
Jimmy Choo Man opens with a fresh, light and sweet fragrance that combines musky and softened fruity aromas with hints of spice and leather. It is perfect for everyday use and has terrific longevity. It is an ideal option to add to your summer or spring cologne collection.

8. Davidoff Cool Water

The main notes are: aromatic, fresh spicy, marine, green and woody
As the name indicates, Cool Water by Davidoff is an aromatic, salty-aquatic, marine fragrance with a touch of green and woody notes and fresh spicy accords. One sniff of this fresh fragrance will transport anyone to a nice dreamy beach. Cool Water is ideal for casual daytime wear.

9. Paco Robanne One Million

The main notes are: Warm spicy, cinnamon, citrus, leather and amber
Launched by Paco Robanne in 2008, One Million is truly one in a million. Its warm spicy fragrance with hints of cinnamon, citrus, leather and amber gives it an unusual yet refreshing twist. If your plan is to get compliments (and more) from women, this cologne is the way to go.

10. Issey Miyake

The main notes are: Citrus, aromatic, fresh spicy, green, floral and woody
A unique and perplexing scent with fresh spicy aroma and a composition of citrus, floral, green and woody notes. This fresh and light ozonic fragrance has an astonishing amount of brawn in its delivery and rarity in its class, making it anything but subtle.

11. Mont Blanc Legend

The main notes are: Aromatic, sweet, fruity, fresh spicy, woody and citrus
A fresh and confident fragrance for men, a concoction of sweet, fruity, citrus notes and fresh, spicy and woody hints. The combination of contrasting aromatic notes make Mont Blanc Legend a truly legendary creation. Ideal to be worn all day, all year long, this one is a must have.

12. Bvlgari Aqva

The main notes are: Citrus, marine, aromatic, woody and fresh spicy
Possessing the longevity of around 8 hours, Aqva by Bvlgari leans toward masculine notes by starting off with a dark yet beautiful marine aroma combined with citrus notes which add to the fresh spicy, woody fragrance. A pleasant and wonderfully fresh fragrance Aqva is perfect for both day and evening wear.

13. Gucci Guilty

The main notes are: Citrus, aromatic, white floral, fresh spicy, floral and woody
Specially designed for the charismatic alpha male, Gucci Guilty is an aromatic and seductive composition of white floral, citrus, warm woody accords and fresh spicy hints. It evokes a firm and mysterious vibe, making it a true magnet for the ladies.

14. Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

The main notes are: Aromatic, leather, woody, almond, sweet and powdery
Introduced in 2017, this limited edition fragrance from Tom Ford’s Private Blend perfume line is an impressively long lasting composition of sweet, aromatic, woody and powdery notes with hints of leather and almond which makes it just as catchy as its name.

15. Bleu de Chanel

The main notes are: woody, aromatic, fresh spicy, balsamic, powdery and green.
A classy, contemporary and sophisticated concoction of woody-aromatic, fresh spicy, balsamic, powdery and green notes enriched with freshness, sensuality, and an energetic, pleasant vibe! Lasts for 6-8 hours. The level of versatility is unfathomable (typical Chanel).

We hope these suggestions help you get started with some classic fragrance choices and also help you smell irresistible the next time you make an entrance in a late night party..or a casual day brunch…or even perhaps when you merely walk out in general.

All images have been taken from Fragrantica
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