6 ways to grow thicker eyebrows & how to maintain their shape

ways to grow & maintain eyebrows

As women, we aspire to have the fullest, shapeliest and the most gorgeous brows which complements  our face. Therefore, it’s important that we don’t neglect this part of our face and maintain them in the long run. When it comes to eyebrows, the thicker the better. And thankfully, getting amazing eyebrows is easier than you think. To save you the hassle, we’ve listed some notable tips and tricks that celebs and beauty bloggers swear by to flaunt their perfect eyebrows.

Ways that stimulate eyebrow growth

If you are also the one who is always on the lookout for growing your eyebrow hair naturally, then we’ve got you all covered. Also, this article will remind you of the basic little things a woman needs to take care of. If you haven’t really paid much attention to your eyebrows till now, please do! 

These subtle everyday habits will not only thicken your eyebrows, but will also help in recuperating any cuts or wounds on them. Some of the most popular remedies include:

1. Mixture of oils

Castor oil is traditionally considered to be one of the most effective remedies of all. It nourishes the hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Olive oil contains a fatty acid called oleic acid, which penetrates deep in the eyebrow hair which leads to its thickening. Coconut oil has  vitamin E and is loaded with the fatty acid called auric acid which lays the foundation for more thicker and fuller brows.

ways to grow and maintain your eyebrows

2. Apply petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a miracle product that comes to your aid in most of your skin woes including your eyebrows. Applying petroleum jelly on your eyebrows will promote shiny and wholesome hair growth. 

ways to grow and maintain your eyebrows

3. Aloe vera & lemon

Aloe vera and lemon are the two amazing ingredients when it comes to beauty. And when  these two are combined together, they can do wonders on your skin. Lemon juice helps oxygen to reach the hair follicles, promoting hair growth whereas aloe vera makes your eyebrow hair dense and strong. 

ways to grow and maintain your eyebrows

4. Egg yolk

Our hair consists of keratin and it is the  prime constituent prominently found in eggs. When applied on brows, it would help in adding volume to your eyebrow hair hance making them look fuller and denser. 

ways to grow an maintain your eyebrows

5. Milk

This is probably the most basic and effectual remedies of all. Milk is rich in several nutrients including two vital proteins casein and whey which stimulate healthy hair growth.

milk for eyebrows

6. Feenugreek seeds

They are rich in proteins as well as vitamin B3 which has the ability to stop hair fall and enhance hair growth. Grind fenugreek seeds and add almond oil or coconut oil to the paste and apply this paste to your eyebrows before going to bed.

Tips to maintain your well-shaped eyebrows:

1. Creating the perfect shape

Identify the natural shape of your brows and stick to it. It may be a bit difficult to create the perfect brows in accordance with the shape of your face. Therefore, you should consult a professional as they will know best how to enhance your natural arch for the most flattering eyebrows.

2. Correct use of tweezers

It is necessary to invest in a good pair of tweezers as they can either make or break your  can also lead to a huge difference in plucking and also in the amount of pain that is experienced. It is best to go for sharp tweezers as they grab stray hair quickly and won’t poke your skin.

correct use of tweezers

3. Threading vs. waxing

Waxing and threading are both quick and less painful ways to get rid of those stray hairs.  Waxing is comparatively quicker than threading but if you are aiming at removing even the tiniest of hairs, then it would be better to opt for threading than waxing. Also, waxing can be more damaging than threading because of the hot temperature which can cause the skin to burn. Therefore, threading has an edge over waxing because of its natural approach.

threading vs waxing

4. Tint your eyebrows

Tinting your eyebrows may actually prove to be really beneficial because it bulks up all those baby hairs. It makes your brows appear bolder and fuller. Your best bet may be to go to a professional rather than trying it at home by yourself as they know the right tints and gels to be used according to your eyebrows.

why is tinting important

5. Filling the gaps

Even after achieving the perfect eyebrows, it may be a bit strenuous in maintaining and filling them. This is where makeup comes in the picture. Products like brow fillers, pencils, waxes and powders come to your rescue. Using these makeup products accurately can take care of most of your shaping mistakes as well as your sparse brow hairs. Focus on filling in your arches as natural eyebrows are usually darker in that area.

6. The highlighting

After taming your eyebrows, a little highlighter is all you need. Swipe your favourite shade of highlighter right below the arch and run it all along till the end of your brow. It would not only lead to stunning  brows but would also add a dash of shine to them.

7. Stay away from scissors

A trim may sound more appealing than tweezing but it is better to leave it to the professionals. You may either trim too much hair or too little hair which can lead to uneven eyebrows.

stay away from scissors


These chief eyebrow care tips can highly elevate your brow appearance. They are super easy and are tailor made to fit in your daily routine. But, the key to the perfect eyebrows is to embrace its  natural shape and volume. Refine them. . You’re not deviating from the standard beauty norms by letting them grow out.

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