Top 8 skills to learn during Coronavirus lockdown to benefit your career

Self-quarantine can be a period which you decide to spend entirely by binge-watching netflix and/or television and laying in bed the whole day. Sure, it may seem like a dream come true, but there’s so much you can add to your skillset during these weeks of isolation. Not only can you learn a new skill to show off to your friends later on, you can also add them to your resume and impress your future employer!  Here are 8 skills that you can learn during this quarantine that will be of great benefit to you in the future:

1. Image editing

If image editing seems like a simple task to you, think again! Being a skilled professional editor means building a knack for identifying and adjusting contrast, shades, brightness, and other nuances in an image. Moreover, this can earn you some highly considerable points in your job profile. If you are a beginner in this field, turn to editing softwares like Photoshop or online resources like Skillshare for step-by-step tutorials on the same.

image editing

2. Photography

You might be wondering as to how you can learn photography within the walls of your home. Keep in mind that if beautiful sceneries are not at your disposal at the time of quarantine, there are plenty of other genres like portrait photography, product photography, and fine art photography, to name a few, which can be pursued with a DSLR and a subject.


3. Content writing

Content writing is probably the best skill you can apprehend when you’re spending your days at home. All you need is your laptop and your imagination. Look for interesting topics to research on and write about and build a blogspot of your own. You can build your language proficiency in the process and even get involved in creative writing and copywriting if you feel like using your imagination to the fullest. 

Content writing

4. Video editing

A lot goes into editing videos. It’s more than just cutting scenes and adding cool sound effects. Computer proficiency, knowledge of editing tools, creativity, and time management are some of the many skills you will learn alongside it, which will earn you a few extra points on your resume as well.

video editing

5. Advanced excel

The majority of jobs out there require one to have the basic knowledge of spreadsheets. So why not take it up a notch and indulge in ICDL Advanced Spreadsheets, which is a certification programme that allows learners to acquire spreadsheet skills on an expert level.

advanced excel

6. Impactful presentations

Some may dismiss this as a skill, but learning to make and give presentations that will immensely impact your audience is a rare and complex task. It takes more than pointing at the slides on the screen and talking about them. Gain some tips on how you can make the simplest presentations unique and unforgettable.


7. Quickbooks

Finance is no joke in the corporate sector. If you have the basic knowledge as to managing accounts and finances, you are set for life. QuickBooks, an online accounting software, can assist you with tracking online payments, expenses, invoices, mileage etc. all via your PC and/or phone. You can make the most of your free time by trying the 30 days free trial.

quickbooks accounts

8. Research/ search skills

Attention to detail, data collection, data management, and technical skills are some of the added dexterity that one acquires while refining their search and research skills. And this skill can be refined quite easily and quickly. Learning to find the best resources is a huge plus point in this arena. 

research skills


The stress of the situation and being confined to your residence during the COVID-19 lockdown shouldn’t restrict you from being productive and building yourself as an individual. So whip out your laptop and take the first step to adding however many of these skills you want in your resume, so that when the lockdown ends, you can finally step out of your house and go back to your simple everyday life as a completely different person and an even more capable and promising candidate for your work life ahead. 

Image Credits: Shutterstock

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